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FP6 priority
1.1.7   Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based society
Title of the proposal

Stage-managing of cultural identity in multicultural context of Central Europe

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Historical Sciences
Klemensova 19, 81364 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
+421 2 52925753

Research subject for a potential FP6 project

In the ethno-culturally heterogeneous region of Central Europe, reference systems were more complex, and the search for identities more multifarious than in other regions. The ”hybrid character\" of culture resulted from exogenous plurality (European and extra-European influences in language, music, theatre, architecture, dress, diet) and from endogenous plurality (variety of ethnic groups, languages, religions, customs). The collective and individual reference systems were very varied, with individual elements meeting and interpenetrating (Moritz Csaky). The forms of citizenship and collective identities in the Habsburg Monarchy were connected with the specific course of modernisation (initiated and implemented mainly by the state) and the problematic formation of civil society (strong Catholic traditions, the influence of enlightened absolutism, ethnic emancipation processes).
The subject proposal is aimed at lieux de memoire in connection with everyday mutations of political culture in the Central European region during the turning points of its history (from 1848 to 1989) – it means at commemorative ceremonies, bodily practices, symbols, rituals, myths, stereotypes. As the starting point is to be seen the research of the voluntary associations activities, showing examples of social structures and symbolic forms interference necessary for the study of the civic society, cultural identities and its given historical determinants.

Recent international cooperation of the research team

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria;
University of Graz, Austria;
University of Vienna, Austria;
University of Oldenburg, Germany

Proposer´s relevant publications related to the research subject

- Collective Identities in Central Europe in Modern Times. Ed. Moritz Csaky – Elena Mannova. Bratislava, Academic Electronic Press 1999. 220 pp.
- Burgertum und burgerliche Gesellschaft in der Slowakei 1900-1989. Ed. Elena Mannova. Bratislava, Academic Electronic Press 1997. 294 pp.
- A Concise History of Slovakia. Ed. Elena Mannova. (Studia historica Slovaca XXI). Bratislava, Academic Electronic Press 2000. 354 pp.
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